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Getting started with PRIME 4




Getting started with PRIME 4

Welcome to the ultimate PRIME 4 resource center, your one-stop guide to getting started with PRIME 4 right from the very beginning. Whether you are looking to find out more before you buy or, have a brand new PRIME 4 waiting to be explored, this is the place for everything PRIME 4.

If you’d like to discuss PRIME 4 related topics with other owners, then why not check out the PRIME 4 section of our forum? To ensure you get the best from your PRIME 4 always make sure you keep the firmware up to date, this is available from our downloads page.

If you’d like information on upgrading the firmware inside the PRIME 4, please refer to our helpful firmware upgrade instructions here.

Download the PRIME 4 User Guide
View the PRIME 4 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Visit the PRIME 4 section of the Denon DJ Forums
Visit the downloads area


PRIME 4 Top Tips videos

As well as our more in-depth video tutorial series below, we've got a growing number of short videos that answer some of the basic questions you might have while owning your PRIME 4.

Install, Format and Transfer Music onto PRIME 4’s Internal SATA Drive

A step-by-step guide on how to install an HDD or SSD SATA drive into the PRIME 4, format it correctly for use and then transferring music across to it, using Engine Prime.

How To Create a Backup of the Engine PRIME Database

Learn how to create a backup of your Engine Prime collection on both your computer and also a removable media device.

Adding Custom Artwork/Logo to Prime Series Jog Wheel Display

Discover how easy it is to add your own DJ/Brand custom artwork/logo to the jog wheel displays of the Prime Series units.

Using PRIME 4's Dedicated Zone Out Feature

How to use PRIME 4's dedicated Zone Out feature to rock the dancefloor in one room, while simultaneously playing different music in another room or location.


PRIME 4 video tutorials

Our 14-part video tutorial series below takes a deep-dive into the features and operation of the PRIME 4 Standalone DJ System, while our extensive FAQ section covers a vast selection of answers to the most common questions asked. You will also find a download to the user manual (above) for those who like to go cover to cover before you switch on.

First Steps with PRIME 4

Perfect for those looking to get a broad overview of the PRIME 4 and how to connect the unit up and get started.

Get Your Music into PRIME 4

Learn how to connect your media sources, import rekordbox® drives and discover just how powerful PRIME 4’s onboard analysis is.

Load, Play and Mix Basics

An in-depth look at track selecting and loading, plus basic transport, mix functionality and how to toggle between two and four decks.

Touchscreen Operation and Overview

Overview of the 10” multi gesture screen operation from zooming in/out of waveforms, loading the qwerty keyboard and managing your library views.

Mixer Functionality

Get the full lowdown on the PRIME 4 mixer section from crossfader adjustment, gain control, EQ, FX and audio monitoring.

Basic Looping and Track Sync

Learn how to engage, adjust and release the loop function as well as the BPM sync function.

Performance Pads

Master the creative Performance Pads on PRIME 4 with an overview on functionality and control to enhance your sets.

Beat Grid Editing

As well as using Engine Prime software, we show you how beat grid editing can be done directly on the PRIME 4 itself.

Zone Output and Microphone Channels

Find out about the unique Zone Out feature, how to load and control your music, along with a complete run through of the two dedicated microphone channels.

Exploring PRIME 4's DJ Effects

Learn all about PRIME 4’s 14 high-quality effects taken directly from our flagship X1800 mixer.

Jog Wheels, Pitch Shifting and Key Sync/Adjust

A breakdown of the PRIME 4 Jog Wheel and Pitch Shifting controls, with an overview on how to change Key or Key Sync tracks for the first time ever on a standalone DJ system.

Connections and Hardware Adjustments

Port by port, we go through the complete connectivity options for PRIME 4.

Touchscreen Library Management: Create and Edit Playlists and Crates

A step-by-step guide to creating and editing playlists and crates on PRIME 4, another first for a standalone DJ system.

Other DJ Performance Features

In this final video we unwrap even more features, from track search to censoring tracks, Slip Mode to Deck Stop time adjust, as well as how to record your sets in full uncompressed quality.