Learn to DJ like Laidback Luke! – Exclusive Denon DJ $100 Discount


Learn to DJ like Laidback Luke! - Exclusive Denon DJ $100 Discount

Learn to DJ like Laidback Luke with this ground-breaking online course - and get an exclusive $100 saving when you act within the next 30 days.

With in-depth modules, pro insights, hands-on demos, technique breakdowns, and learning aids, this course from Digital DJ Tips course lets you look over the shoulder of the world's most creative live DJ, Laidback Luke! Luke's detailed and expertly executed performance demonstrations will expand your DJing horizons and make you rethink your limitations, quickly implanting true, next level creativity into your DJ sets.

Each technique and module is broken down into easy to understand and emulate sections, as Phil from Digital DJ Tips discusses, explores and elaborates on each one with Luke. Learn how to think and DJ 'on-the-fly', using creative performance techniques to raise your crowd's energy levels to the max, plus discover DJing power features (FX, loops, BPM blends, audio manipulation etc) that will lift you to the next level.

Be inspired, learn SO much (and in so little time), and grab this opportunity to get a $100 discount if you act within the next 30 days, on what is probably the most advanced, yet easy to follow creative DJ course ever made - with Laidback Luke and Digital DJ Tips.


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Terms and Conditions

  • 30-day promotion on the Laidback Luke class for existing Denon DJ users
  • Promotion valid until 30 days after purchase for new Denon DJ users