Device Firmware Version 1.2

● Add display auto dim/off screensaver mode
● Add ability to adjust display brightness
● Add limiter icon on display to show when limiter is active
● Add microphone gate threshold setting
● Add ability to send microphone signal to headphones
● Add additional frequency bands for microphone EQ low setting
● Increased TAP tempo limit to 500 BPM
● Add manual TAP override mode

● Fixed issue for MIDI data sent over USB 2
● Improved channel level gain distribution
● Improved Utility Menu structure
● Improved channel fader data sent over Ethernet
● Various UI improvements

Device Firmware Version 1.1.1

● Fixed an issue where the Master output was favoring left or right channel depending on position of the knob while in mono.
● The FX list is now automatically refreshed after updating so a factory reset is no longer required.

Device Firmware Version 1.1

● Added support for 3rd party software and DVS
● Added ability to Pan the Booth output
● Added ability to choose SPLIT CUE channel
● Added 1/32, 1/64 time divisions for all BPM FX
● Added 16, 32 time divisions for FILTER, FLANGER, and PHASER
● Added FREEZE mode to all new REVERB
● Added tail to REVERB when effect is turned off
● All time-based BPM FX can now achieve 1 ms
● Added NOISE SWEEP FX level control
● Added Master Output Limiter
● Added Filter extreme turn types: BLEED, FULL KILL
● Added independent MIC ATTENUATION controls for microphone 1 & 2
● FILTER button now flashes when any filter is active
● System version is now displayed during startup sequence

● Improved Engine Connect player assignment logic
● Various network improvements
● Improved WASH OUT time divisions, capture time and feedback tail
● Improved DUB ECHO wet/dry levels, and feedback tail
● Replaced REVERB with improved new REVERB algorithm
● Simplified System Version number
● Improved click registers of the FX SELECT encoder
● Fixed infinite LED start sequence during rapid power up
● Fixed volume attenuation when using Send & Return FX
● Fixed issue where X1800 PRIME would sometimes assign duplicate player number to multiple SC5000 PRIME units
● Fixed issue where X1800 PRIME was not sending Channel Assignment changes to PC host USB Audio Interface (XMOS) Version 1.00

USB Audio Interface (XMOS) Version 1.00

● Fixed issue where X1800 was not recognized on Mac OS 10.10 systems during hot plug
● Fixed issue where audio input channel names missing for channels 9 and 10 on Mac OS.