Important information for upgrading users:

In order to add new features to the Prime products, Engine Prime needs to upgrade the music databases on all drives. This is done automatically when any drive is connected to Engine Prime Software or a SC5000. Because this may take some time, we recommend that you upgrade your drives in connecting them to your computer when the Engine Prime Software is open.

Updating via Drive:

Prime Hardware with version 1.2.0 or newer can now be upgraded by adding the firmware directly to a USB stick. This is an easy and convenient way to make upgrade players without the direct use of a computer. To update via drive:

  • Download the standalone firmware from the respective Denon DJ product page on
  • Unzip this and then copy the file to a compatible USB drive or SD card.
  • Insert the drive into the player and, open utilities and then press restart.
  • The player will then prompt that it has found a new firmware version. Confirm to restart.
  • After update is finished, the player will restart again into normal mode.

New Features:

  • Performance Features
    • Add a user preference called “Pitch Control Type” which allows the Pitch Bend buttons to be set to Range by default.
    • Improved high end frequency response of players.
    • Increased speed slider resolution to 0.01%
    • Added ability to change key on players.
      • Pressing the on screen key brings up the key change feature. Key can be incremented or decremented using the onscreen controls.
      • Pressing and holding the key button will sync the key to other playing decks.
      • Key button will blink when key is not set to it’s default pitch. Shift pressing the key button will reset it back to the default pitch.
    • Soundswitch functionality integrated.  
  • Collection Features
    • Added Collection Management features.
    • Song lists can now be sorted by additional Metadata like Comments and Date Added. When sorted by criteria, that critia is also shown.
    • Added ability to constrain search to various fields, including Comments. This is done by pressing the downward facing triangle in the search bar.
    • Holding Shift while scrolling through crates/playlists/folders will now jump by page, just like the song list.
    • Increased the touch area of the song list slider, making it easier to scroll via finger.
    • Keyboard no longer closes when clearing a search.
    • Tweaked keyboard touch areas to minimize false presses and accidental closures.
    • Keyboard now reverts back from numbers to letters when a space is entered, or if closed and re-opened.
    • Touchable scroll bars now are thicker than non touchable scroll bars and give visual feedback when pressed. Song list scroll bar touch area has been increased for easier touch scrolling through large song lists.
  • Misc Improvements
    • Disabling layer B will now throw a warning if there is a track on deck.
    • Improved loading to deck handling so soft takeover does not kick in unnecessarily.
    • Improved selecting and ejecting of drive behavior.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed an issue where the song would jump in position when scratching after adjusting the grid and exiting grid edit mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the center wheel screen would occasionally  freeze when reverse, censor and slicer actions were performed.
  • Fixed an issue where repeatedly starting and stopping a motorized platter could result in small audio pops.
  • Fixed an issue where the SC5000M’s motor would play back at the incorrect speed.
  • Fixed an issue where when playing two synced tracks on separate layers, the playing track would sync to the newly started track.
  • Fixed an issue where loading songs from the prepare list would occasionally load the incorrect song.
  • Improved search accuracy - fixed several issues where searching for numbers would return false results. Also fixed an issue where in rare circumstances searches would leave out results.
  • Fixed n rare issue where pressing pause would not pause the track.
  • Fixed an issue where libraries created Engine Prime v 1.0.3 or earlier would not load the collection properly.
  • Fixed an issue where turning off 3 or more units simultaneously would cause a unit to hang upon shutdown.
  • Fixed an issue where after searching, the song list would not be brought into focus and loading via knob would not work.
  • Fixed an issue where after searching, the song list selection would jump to the bottom of the list and only 2.5 would be visible on screen.
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements.