Denon DJ Prime 2 Feature Overview

What is the price of the PRIME 2?

$1399 (US MAP)

When will the PRIME 2 be available to purchase?

The PRIME 2 is now shipping. Check with your local retailer for product availability. 

What are the dimensions and weight of the PRIME 2?

25.31” x 16.06” x 4.80” / 643mm x 408mm x 122mm (W x D x H)

15.87 lb. / 7.2 kg

What is included in the box?

  • PRIME 2 Standalone Smart DJ Console
  • IEC power cable
  • Hard shell protective cover for the display
  • Display cleaning cloth
  • Mounting screws for internal HD bay
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Registration card to unlock SoundSwitch & Resolume promotional codes
  • Denon DJ sticker pack

What is the size of the jog wheels?

6" capacitive touch jog wheel with central HD display.

Will the PRIME 2 work with Serato DJ, Traktor, VDJ, etc?

At launch, the PRIME 2 will operate solely as a standalone device. Serato DJ, Traktor, and others are supported within Engine PRIME software for collection, hot cue, and loop import ready for standalone use. 

Is the PRIME 2 crossfader user replaceable?

Yes, the crossfader on PRIME 2 is user-replaceable. Just remove the top panel screws to access and replace the crossfader.

What size is the main display on PRIME 2?

The main display on PRIME 2 is a 7" HD multi-touch display with gesture support.

Does PRIME 2 have continuous playback?

Yes, the PRIME 2 offers a continuous playback via the CONTINUE button on the main performance view. When this is engaged, the PRIME 2 will play songs from the same playlist one after the other.

Does PRIME 2 have Track Preview?

Yes, the PRIME 2 has Track Preview. Just tap the album artwork from the track list to start the preview. Once preview is active, you can tap the track title to jump to different sections of the song.

Does PRIME 2 work with lighting or video software?

Yes, PRIME 2 is supported by Resolume Video and SoundSwitch lighting control software. PRIME 2 owners also receive promotional codes for both applications. Register your product at to unlock the promotional offer.

What types of USB/SD/HD media device options does PRIME 2 offer?

The PRIME 2 features (x3) USB ports, (x1) SD, and (x1) 2.5" HD bay for physical media devices.

Can PRIME 2 be used to stream music?

Yes, PRIME 2 has a Ethernet port for hardwired internet connection and also features built-in Wi-Fi for wireless streaming. All streamed tracks are downloaded in their entirety before enabling playback to ensure there is never an interruption in the audio playback. You can even save hotcues, and loop points for streamed music, just ensure you have a media device connected to store to.

How many decks does PRIME 2 have?

The PRIME 2 has (x2) physical decks and an Auxiliary input, so you can cue and mix up to 3 audio sources.

What are the differences between the PRIME 4 and PRIME 2 and PRIME GO?

All of Denon DJ's smart DJ consoles feature Engine OS which offers the same great performance and similar feature set. The few differences are where the hardware controls and I/O differ. For the most part, the workflow experience from one device to the other is identical. Here is a comparison chart to help you understand the similarities and differences between the 3 devices.

What streaming services are currently supported?

As of Engine OS v1.5, TIDAL, SoundCloud Go+, and Beatport LINK streaming services are available for all Prime Series Media Players and Smart Consoles.

Why do I see the 'Track Not Available' message when my internet connection is solid?

Streaming partners offer different tiers of their service with different levels of playback quality. If you've selected a quality option that is outside of your plan, you will see this message on track load. To fix this, tap the gear icon from the lower-left corner of the streaming service library window, then tap the Streaming Quality icon and choose the appropriate setting that fits your streaming plan.

Denon DJ Standalone Smart DJ Console Comparison Chart

PRICE (US MAP)$1799$1399$999
24-bit 44.1 kHz
Frequency Range 20Hz-20kHz
Music streaming via Wi-Fi & wired
Number of USB ports431
Number of SD ports111
Internal hard drive bay
HD Touch Display Size10.1"7"7"
Adjustable Display
HD jog wheel display
Capacitive touch
USB Out3.03.02.0
Ethernet (Link)
XLR Master output
Balanced Booth outputXLRXLR1/4"
Zone output
Number of microphone inputs222
Microphone input typeComboComboCombo
Aux RCA input4 line inputs
Headphone outputs222
Engine OS
Record to any connected media source
Analyze music on the fly
Track previewComing soon
On-board music management
Class-leading time stretch & key algorithms 
Reads rekordbox formatted drives
Built-in digital FX
Aux input cueN/A
Microphone EQ
Microphone talk over
Independent FX controls
Sweep FX
Pitch fader size100mm100mm45mm
Manual loops
Number of performance pads884 (8 via bank)
Number of performance pad modes664
Pitch bend
Split CueComing soon
Serato DJ Pro
USB keyboard support
Tablet/phone charging
Internal rechargeable battery
User replaceable crossfader
Weight21.34 lb.15.87 lb.7.9 lb.