Engine Prime v1.3.2 Update



v1.3.2 Engine Prime Update brings new collection management workflow features and performance improvements

With this latest v1.3.2 update, Engine Prime has a significantly improved track BPM analysis operation to ensure accurate results on the many genres and styles of music a DJ plays. Serato DJ Pro users will enjoy an optimised experience when working with their Crates and benefit from collection management and organisational improvements too.

V1.3.2 also adds some user-operational, library management and DJ workflow enhancements, including speed-boosts to the import and update times for iTunes, Serato DJ, NI Traktor and rekordbox® collections. Check out our v1.3.2 video and download this Engine Prime update via the links below.



What’s new in 1.3.2?

  • BPM detection improvements
  • Serato Crate play order now retained when imported as a Playlist
  • Added warning when deleting Crates
  • Added waveform zoom controls in the deck area
  • Added Waveform Zoom tooltips
  • Added Playlist total time and file size in track list
  • Added Crate total time and file size in track list
  • Added the ability to select multiple tracks to drag to desktop or external applications
  • Added the ability to drag folders to Playlist area and create a Playlist with same folder name and files
  • Improved the import and update time for Serato, rekordbox®, Traktor and iTunes libraries
  • Text selection highlight retained when Hot Cue color selected
  • When the collection update button is pressed, the song list is now focused on the collection being updated
  • Metadata is imported for more WAV formats
  • Changed “Publisher” to “Label” in Sorting Columns

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